I always took pictures, but five years ago it became a compulsion. In the 1990's I studied at Liverpool Art School gaining a degree in Graphic Design, although I specialised as an Illustrator. I previously viewed photography as the enemy of drawing. However, since shooting a few of rolls of film I have been fascinated by the challenge of turning perception into still image. I would describe myself as a documentary, fine art photographer. Although I arrived at this point because of a love of 'street photography'. I walk, I observe my environment and the people around me. Things are interesting, but people are fascinating. I am influenced and inspired by photographers such as Trent Parke, Josef Koudelka and Carl de Keyzer amongst others. I predominantly shoot black and white film, which I develop myself. I have been shooting obsessively for the last few years, hence too early to produce a coherent style, or a solid body of pictures...it’s a work in progress.


2015 SSFC, Shrewsbury


2016 Dienacht Magazine #18

  • Image of Adam Constantine Courtesy of Henry Paisley
    Photo courtesy of Henry Paisey
  • Image of Adam Constantine courtesy of Maciej Dakowic
    Photo courtesy of Maciej Dakowicz